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FT Handbook of Management

FT Handbook of Management

3rd Edition

Stuart Crainer, Des Dearlove

Oct 2004, Paperback, 1120 pages
ISBN13: 9780273675846
ISBN10: 0273675842
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The state of the art

The world of business never stands still. Today’s dominant force is tomorrow’s sideshow. Fashions change and best practice evolves. For managers one certainty endures; the more you know the higher you go.

From crafting strategies to delivering results, questions of management will always be too varied, perplexing and challenging to yield a single answer. They are best explored with the help of many perspectives.

The third edition of the Financial Times Handbook of Management encapsulates this world of management thinking, reflecting what matters to managers in organizations in the first decade of the new century. A compelling and comprehensive companion to management’s big ideas, brilliant minds and better ways, the Handbook is packed with intelligent writing to bring management alive for the thinking executive.

The Financial Times Handbook of Management captures the state of this indispensable, inspiring, invigorating and essential art:

The thinkers:

Including Igor Ansoff, Chris Argyris, Warren Bennis, James Champy

W Edwards Deming, Peter Drucker; Henri Fayol, Sumantra Ghoshal, Marshall Goldsmith, Lynda Gratton, Gary Hamel, Charles Handy, Phil Hodgson and Randall White, John Kay, Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, Philip Kotler, Ted Levitt, John Micklethwait & Adrian Wooldridge, Henry Mintzberg, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, John Mullins, Kjell Nordström and Jonas RidderstrSle, Kenichi Ohmae, Richard Pascale, Tom Peters, Michael Porter, CK Prahalad, Edgar Schein, Hermann Simon, Jonathan Story, Don Sull, Fons Trompenaars, Bruce Tulgan, Elizabeth Weldon, Jerry Windand many more.

The foundations:

Strategy and competition


Managing Human Resources
Operations and Service

Ideas, information and knowledge


The Skills:

Managing globally


Managing change


Managing yourself and your career

Making it happen

Developing and learning





The rise of management: Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove

The age of the individual: Kjell Nordström and Jonas RidderstrSle
The new knowledge landscape: Leif Edvinsson

A message to Garcia: Thomas L Brown

Essentials: Peter Drucker; Henri Fayol; Adam Smith; Frederick Taylor


1. Strategy and competition

Strategy and control: John Kay

What is strategy and how do you know if you have one?: Costas Markides

Trajectory management: Paul Strebel and Anne-Valérie Ohlsson

Making joint ventures and alliances work: Roger Pudney

Star trek strategy: Peter Brews

Strategy and structure redux: Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues

Interview: CK Prahalad

Strategy in the knowledge economy: W Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

Essentials: Igor Ansoff; balanced scorecard; Boston matrix; game theory; Gary Hamel; Bruce Henderson; Henry Mintzberg; Richard Pascale; Michael Porter; scenario planning; seven S framework; strategic inflexion point; Sun Tzu

2. Globalization

Can globalization be fixed?: Deborah Doane

Strategies for China: Jonathan Story

Great global managers: Karl Moore

Transnational corporations: Dennis A Rondinelli

Interview: Yves Doz and Jose Santos

Essentials: Geert Hofstede; Akio Morita; Kenichi Ohmae; transnational

Corporations; Fons Trompenaars

3. Managing Human Resources
What managers do: David Birchall

Leading the democratic enterprise: Lynda Gratton

Succeeding at succession: Des Dearlove and Steve Coomber

Commentary: When employees attack

The management of humour and the humour of management: David L Collinson

Recruiting, selecting and compensating board members: Charles King and Caroline Nahas

Non-coercive thinking: Henri Ruff

Essentials: broadbanding; interim management; Frederick Herzberg; Mary Parker Follett; empowerment; downsizing; Jaques Elliott; Rosabeth Moss Kanter; managerial grid; Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; Elton Mayo; David Packard; Tom Peters; Edgar Schein; succession planning; Theories X & Y (& Z); 360 degree feedback

4. Operations and Service
The law of logistics and supply chain management: Alan Braithwaite and Richard Wilding

Performance measurement - the new crisis: Andy Neely

Design to be different: Kjell Nordström and Jonas RidderstrSle

Outsourcing HR: Stephen Coomber

Interview: Andrew Kakabadse

Project management as value creation: Sebastian Nokes

The quality revolution: Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer

Essentials: benchmarking; channel management; crisis management; W Edwards Deming; Henry Ford; Joseph Juran; Just-In-Time; kaizen; lean production; outsourcing; reengineering; supply chain management; time based competition; total quality management

5. Marketing
Challenging the mental models of marketing: Jerry Wind

Marketing with a hard-edge: Peter Fisk

Interview: Philip Kotler

Designing the marketing facing organization: Sam Hill, David Newkirk and Jong Chow

Understanding brand potential: Watts Wacker

Global marketing: H. David Hennessey

Capturing growth through customer lifetime potential: Sandra Vandermere

Interview: Chris Zook

Eleven misconceptions about CRM: Peter C Verhoef and Fred Langerak

Seven of the best: Tony Cram

Essentials: affiliate marketing; four Ps of marketing; Philip Kotler; Ted Levitt;

permission marketing; relationship marketing

6. Finance
Better pricing processes: Hermann Simon, Stephan A Butscher and Karl-Heinz Sebastian

Commentary: The rise of the Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

Financial literacy: Understanding the numbers: Romesh Vaitilingam

Marketing and finance: Tim Ambler

The real Warren Buffett: James O’Loughlin

Fools, gold and greed: Gerry Griffin and Ciaran Parker

Essentials: activity-based costing; discounted cash flow; shareholder value

7. Organization

Secrets of success: Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove

The new boy network: Georgina Peters

The integrated organization: Fons Trompenaars

Commentary: Piling on the pounds

Organizational democracy and organizational politics: David Butcher and Martin Clarke
Cashing in on corporate competencies: Jonas RidderstrSle

Towards a networked economy: Jamie Anderson
Commentary: What companies do wrong
Interview: Charles Handy

Essentials: adhocracy; agility; Chester Barnard; core competencies; Harold Geneen; Charles Handy; matrix model; shamrock organization; virtual organization; Max Weber

8. Ideas, information and knowledge

Open innovation: Henry Chesbrough

The 21st Century CIO: Mark Polansky with Tarun Inuganti and Simon Wiggins

Whose ideas are they anyway?: Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove

The strategic potential of a knowledge portfolio: David Birchall and George Tovstiga

Segmenting and destroying knowledge: Kevin C Desouza

Interview: Sumantra Ghoshal

Security information - Governance issues: Jean-Noël Ezingeard & David Birchall

Essentials: intellectual capital; knowledge management

9. Entrepreneurship
The entrepreneur: Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove

Commentary: Pitching and catching

Interview: Liam Black

Social entrepreneurship: Alex Nicholls

Commentary: Best of the fringe

Where do good ideas come from?: John Mullins

Interview: Jeff Skoll

Making corporate venturing work: Julian Birkinshaw

10. Ethics

Do principles count?: Eleanor RE O’Higgins

War and the corporation: Eric Orts

Commentary: Is corporate responsibility worth it?

Wanted: Boardroom coach: Susan Bloch

Commentary: Profiting from corporate philanthropy

Pathways to commitment: Matthew May

The changing role of business: Lance Moir

Essentials: core values


1. Managing globally

Doing business the American way: Allyson Stewart-Allen

Commentary: The art of Swedish leadership

Global account management: H. David Hennessey

Interview: John Micklethwait & Adrian Wooldridge

Interview: Fons Trompenaars

Commentary: Things to do in airports

Commentary: Travelling light

2. Leading

Leadership for the future: Des Dearlove

Commentary: What do CEOs really do?

Leadership roles and role models: Phil Hodgson and Randall White

The mantle of authority: Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones

Commentary: Wrinkles and the leader

Leading the way: Robert P. Gandossy and Marc Effron

Interview: Michael Critelli

Value leadership: Peter Cohan

Welcome to the real world: Phil Hodgson and Randall White

Interview: Warren Bennis

Essentials: Warren Bennis; Dale Carnegie; employability; the Peter Principle; Robert Townsend

3. Managing change

The reality of transformation: Tony Eccles

Commentary: Tipping over the edge

Interview: James Champy

When two companies become one: Andreas Hinterhuber

Myths of change manageosabeth Moss Kanter

4. Communicating

Creating strategic dialogue: Dan Yankelovich and Steve Rosell

The write stuff: Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove

Commentary: Silence can be golden

Communicating in the age of consent: Mark Stuart

Commentary: We’re blogging it

5. Managing yourself and your career

Who are you?: Georgina Peters

Commentary: Who gets training?

Generational shift: Bruce Tulgan

Interview: Alan Briskin

Personal agility: Elizabeth Weldon

Commentary: Beware burnout

Essentials: Dale Carnegie; Nicolo Machiavelli

7. Making it happen

HOT management: Bruce Tulgan

Decision making: Risk and escalation: Helga Drummond

Measuring and managing the right things: Mike Kennerly and Andy Neely

Only commit: Don Sull

Making projects fly: Stephen Carver

The rise and fall of the COO: Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove

Commentary: Garageland

8. Developing and learning

Executive coaching: Laurence Lyons

Improving on success: Marshall Goldsmith

So you think you want to be coached: Mick Cope

Training and development: new approaches for changing needs: David Birchall and Matty Smith

Commentary: Mentoring

Essentials: action learning; Chris Argyris; the learning organization; Kurt Lewin; thought leadership



  • An absolute bestseller in both its first and second editions.
  • With 90% new contents, again the FT Guide to management brings together the most ambitious, comprehensive, authoritative and up to date selection of ideas, practices and management thinking.
  • The new edition is even more practical, with lots of quick learning, easy to apply content, including a guide to the 10 most essential executive skills.
  • All the top names have their say on key management topics, including Henry Mintzberg, Peter Drucker and Bill Gates.

Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove are bestselling specialist management writers and commentators. Their books include Gravy Training, MBA Planet, Generation Entrepreneur, Firestarters and The FT Handbook of Management. They are also founders of the media company, Suntop Media, a worldwide network of writers, editors and researchers.

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“It is very large, very important and very comprehensive … I’d have to use the word ‘indispensable’”

The Bookseller (Business Issue) August 2004

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