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Web Search Garage

Web Search Garage

Tara Calishain

Aug 2004, Paperback, 264 pages
ISBN13: 9780131471481
ISBN10: 0131471481
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The Garage series is a new street smart series of books about technology built

on the premise that technical books don't have to be boring, or be written in

the impersonal voice of an all-powerful narrator. They are characterized by an

edgy, fun, active-voice writing style and, rather than presenting a technology in

a linear tutorial style, are organized into useful topics. They are irreverent,

culturally rooted, and present each author's unique take on solving problems in

a format meant to replicate the experience of searching the Internet for


Best-selling author and research expert Tara Calishain offers her insider tips and tricks for web searching in this title from Prentice Hall PTR's Garage Series. The book begins with an in-depth look at search engines and other online tools such as browsers. It describes several principles of web searching to help you leverage the scope of the Internet to discover information. The book also covers specific topic areas of Internet searching, both domestically and internationally. Finally, Web Search Garage includes a special technical support section to teach you how to find the support solutions you need on the Internet.

Specific topics covered include

  • Search engines
  • Browsers
  • The principles of web searching
  • Searching for news, jobs, and local information
  • Finding images and audio on the web
  • Searching for people
  • Genealogy research
  • Consumer help
  • Drugs and medical information
  • Kid-safe searching

Whether you're a newbie or an Internet search guru, Web Search Garage is a valuable resource for using the Internet wisely to find the information you're looking for. Calishain's thorough explanations and examples, combined with her entertaining wit will help you fine-tune your skills and search the Internet to find convenient solutions.





1. Search Engines.

Full-Text Engines.

Searchable Subject Indexes.

The Next Step: A Search Engine Flyover.


Google's Non-Web Search Properties.


2. Other Search Engines.

Other Engines.

Keeping an Eye Out for New Search Engines.

3. Online Tools and Gadgets:

Browsers & More.


Other Browsers to Consider.

Which Browser Should I Use?

Search Toolbars.


Web-Based Gadgets.

Client-Side Software for Internet Research.

Some General Places to Get Software.


4. The Principle of Unique Language.

Understanding and Finding Unique Language

for Your Searches.

Using Unique Language in Your Searches.

5. The Principle of the

Reinvented Wheel.

Finding Friendly Communities.

Searching Usenet.

Finding Specialty Link Lists and Directories.

Finding Voices.

6. The Principle of Onions.

Searching for Lyrics.

Searching for Technical Help.

Searching for Dog Breed Information.

Searching for Biographical Information for a Term Paper.

7. The Principle of Nicknames.




8. The Principle of Every Scrap.

Your First Search and Your Next Searches.

Organizing Your Scraps.

Scraps to More Search?

Putting Scraps on to Simmer.

9. The Principle of Mass Similar.

Using Brand Names to Narrow Your Search.

Finding Brand Names in the First Place.

Using Google Search to Build Lists of Names.

Getting Lists of Names When You Don't Even Have One.

10. The Principle of the World Beyond.

The Commandments for the Questioner.

Experts in Associations.

Expert Lists.

Finding Experts Using Google.

11. The Principle of the

Expanding Web.

News Sites.

Search Engines.

Specialty Pages.

What Do You Do When You've Got 'Em?

12. The Principle of Applied Power.

A Recap: What Are Special Syntaxes?

Special Syntaxes on Full-Text Engines.

Special Syntaxes on Searchable Subject Indexes.

Using Two or More Syntaxes.

13. The Principle of Salt Grains.

Questions to Ask About a Web Page.

Checking Out "Internet Facts".


14. News Searching.

Web Searching for News Articles.

Using News Search Engines.

Other Places to Search News.

15. Job Searching.

Using Plain Search Engines and Company Sites.

Local Resources (Newspaper Classifieds).

State-Level Job Finders.

National-Level Job Finders.

Job Search Engines.

16. Finding Local Information

on the Web.

Zip Code.

City Sites.

State Sites.

Finding Deep State Resources in Google.



Finding Information for Groups of Countries.


17. Finding Images.

Avoiding the Naughty Bits.

Image Search Engines Associated with Major

Search Engines.

Specialized Image Search Engines.

Specialized Image Collections.

Finding Image Collections Via Web Searches.

18. Finding Audio on the Web.

Sound Formats.

Playing Sounds.

Searching for Sound.


19. People Searching.

A Few Words on Privacy.

General People Searching.

General Phone Books.

Specialized Phone Books.

Address and Zip Code Helpers.

20. Genealogy Research Online.

Source Material.

Great "Roundup Sites" for Genealogy Information.

21. Ready Reference.

Search Engine Tools for Ready Reference.

Roundup Tools.




More Ready Reference.


22. Consumer Help.

Finding Product Information.

Getting Other People's Opinions.

Consumer Protection.

Recall Information.

Where to Complain.

Watch Your Step.

23. Drugs and Medical Information.

Tara's Quick Medical Warning.

General Medical Searching.

Community and Support Sites.

Drugs and Web Searches.

24. Kid-Safe Searching.

Tara's Rant About Kids and the Internet.

Using Full-Text Searching.

Kid-Safe Subject Indexes: A Better Way to Go.


25. Drivers, Cheats, Help, and More.

Finding the Community Help.

Finding Help for Routine Things.


26. International Information.

What Search Engines Offer.

Specialty Sites and Directories for Country Information.

Translation Tools.


Best-selling author and research expert Tara Calishain offers her insider tips and tricks for web searching -- in THE GARAGE!!!

° Covers the most popular research topics and research in general -- an indispensible resource for ANYONE doing web searching

° Readers will improve their skills and successfully maneuver through the many resources available to find the needed information, quickly AND effectively!

° Valuable tips, time-saving strategies, critical thoughts - in a wonderful and unique new format!

About The Author

Tara Calishain is the editor of ResearchBuzz, a weekly newsletter on Internet searching. She's also a regular columnist for SEARCHER and has written for a variety of other publications. Her author/co-author credits include Google Hacks and Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research.