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On Demand Computing

On Demand Computing

Technologies and Strategies

Craig Fellenstein

Aug 2004, Paperback, 400 pages
ISBN13: 9780131440241
ISBN10: 0131440241
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"Business on Demand" provides thought-provoking information and sound technology advice that will enable IT practitioners to build a world-class On Demand infrastructure. This book borrows from the lessons learned in IBM's successful implementation of a working Business on Demand framework to teach readers how to implement successfully within their own organization. The book includes innovative perspectives on the strategies and technologies required to deliver effective Business on Demand capabilities. In addition to examining IBM's own implementation, the book also includes case studies from other organizations, and provides a myriad of examples that will allow the reader to apply the solutions to their organization.

The practical guide to building "on demand" enterprise infrastructure

This book brings together innovative strategies and technologies for becoming an "on demand" enterprise: one that can respond almost instantaneously to any customer demand, market opportunity, or threat.

Leading IBM enterprise consultant Craig Fellenstein shows how to build On Demand infrastructure for integrating all your business processes, partners, suppliers, and customers. Drawing on consulting engagements with many of the world's largest organizations--and IBM's own processes--Fellenstein shows how to:

  • Plan and migrate towards an on demand operating environment
  • How autonomic computing streamlines and simplifies IT service delivery, and dramatically improves business agility
  • Use grid computing to deliver new business services more quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively
  • Leverage on demand technologies to enter new global markets and become a world-class e-Business service provider

Whether you're an IT or business leader, manager, analyst, or strategic planner, this is the blueprint for your on demand revolution.



1. Introduction to IBM On Demand Business.

Turning Points in Information Technology.

Beginning the On Demand Business Journey.

2. The On Demand Operating Environment.

The on demand Operating Environment (odOE).



3. Autonomic Computing Strategy Perspectives.

The Autonomic Computing Vision.

An Architectural Blueprint for Autonomic Computing.

The Autonomic Computing Blueprint.

An Evolution, Not a Revolution: Levels of Management, Maturity and Sophistication.

Core Autonomic Capabilities.

Standards for Autonomic Computing.


Glossary of Autonomic Computing Terms.

4. Grid Computing.

The Grid Computing Problem.


5. The Future of Grid Computing.

Autonomic Computing.

On Demand Business and Infrastructure Virtualization.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Grid Computing.

Semantic Grids.


6. Grid Computing Strategy Perspectives.

The Globus Project.

Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA).

Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI).

Grid Computing Service Instance Handles, References and Usage Models.

Grid Computing Service Interfaces.

Grid Computing, Globus GT3, and OGSI.

Grid Computing Solution Implementation Cases.


Grid Computing Resources.


7. The On Demand Business Service Provider Ecosystem.

New-Generation Operations Software and Systems (NGOSS).

The Need for Persistence and Advanced Forms of Communications by Service Providers.

Ecosystem Dynamics and Business Drivers.


8. Industry Matters and Customer Profiles.

Industry Sector Issues Driving On Demand Business Transformations across Vertical Industries.

Customer Profiles.


9. Conclusions.

Market Perspectives.

Closing Thoughts.

Appendix A: IBM On Demand Developers Conference.


Reference Materials.



CRAIG FELLENSTEIN is Senior Executive Consultant for IBM Network Services, where he serves as senior network strategist for IBM's eBusiness on Demand initiative. He has helped many of IBM's largest enterprise and government customers to implement on demand strategies and technologies. He previously served as Global Chief Architect within IBM's CIO office. He co-authored Grid Computing and Exploring E-Commerce, Global E-Business and E-Societies (Prentice Hall).