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Core Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL

Core Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL

Marc Wandschneider

Oct 2005, Paperback with CD-ROM, 912 pages
ISBN13: 9780131867161
ISBN10: 0131867164
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PHP and MySQL have become a serious and commercially viable system with

which to develop web applications. With the relase of PHP 5, J2EE

developers, in particular, are starting to take a second look at PHP. And while

there are many books on the makret that describe PHP language syntax, there

are very few that fully describe web application development with PHP and

related technologies. This book describes the complete web application

development lifecycle, from planning the application to designing the user

interface to building in robust security. And since web applications serve the

entire world, often neglected globalization issues are treated in detail.

Though MySQL is used throughout the examples, Part IV also contains

examples of building applications on top of both Oracle and PostgresSQL, two

popular alternatives to MySQL for use in mission-critical systems.

The programmer's Guide to building robust web applications with PHP and MySQL

This is a comprehensive, practical guide for programmers who want to develop production-quality, database-enabled web applications with PHP and MySQL. Long-time developer Marc Wandschneider systematically addresses the entire process: not only coding, but also upfront application, user interface and database design, PLUS security, testing, and more.

You'll walk through building three applications from start to finish: a calendaring system, a weblog engine, and an e-commerce store. Along the way, you'll master essential strategies for creating robust web database applications and learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that trip up many developers moving to PHP and MySQL.

  • Starts with a complete primer on PHP for developers including coverage of code organization, reuse, and object-oriented PHP
  • Contains detailed treatments of data access, including transactions, foreign keys, and indexes
  • Presents powerful data validation techniques utilizing PHP regular expressions
  • Walks through planning web applications, including user interfaces and user management
  • Offers systematic guidance on securing web applications from end to end
  • Covers a wide range of implementation issues including internationalization, error handling, data validation, debugging, session management, and deployment
  • Includes detailed chapters on XML, XML-based web services, and the PEAR framework for reusable PHP components
  • Shows how to work with the Oracle and PostgreSQL databases



1. Getting Started with PHP.

2. The PHP Language.

3. Code Organization and Reuse.

4. Object-Oriented Programming.

5. Working with Arrays.

6. Strings and Characters of the World.

7. Interacting with the Server: Forms.


8. Introduction to Databases.

9. Designing and Creating Your Database.

10. Using Databases: Storing and Retrieving Data.

11. Using Databases: Advanced Data Access.

12. PHP and Data Access.


13. Web Applications and the Internet.

14. Implementing a User Interface.

15. User Management.

16. Securing Your Web Applications: Planning and Code Security.

17. Securing Your Web Applications: Software and Hardware Security.


18. Error Handling and Debugging.

19. Cookies and Sessions.

20. User Authentication.

21. Advanced Output and Output Buffering.

22. Data Validation with Regular Expressions.

23. XML and XHTML.

24. Files and Directories.

25. File Uploading.

26. Working with Dates and Times.

27. XML Web Services and SOAP.

28. Using PEAR.

29. Development and Deployment.


30. Strategies for Successful Web Applications.

31. An Appointment Manager.

32. A Blogging Engine.

33. An Ecommerce Application.


Appendix A. Installation/Configuration.

Appendix B. Database Function Equivalents.

Appendix C. Recommended Reading.


An end-to-end guide to building industrial-strength web applications: includes PHP/MySQL source code to three complete web applications.

Successful Core Series format applied to PHP and MySQL

Much more than exploring PHP syntax, this book shows developers how to build

real-world, mission-critical web applications - and includes fully-tested source code

to three complete web applications.

Also shows how to use Oracle and PostgresSQL with PHP: two powerful databases

favored in mission-critical settings.

Marc Wandschneider has worked extensively with open source platforms, and has written an Outlook Express-style email client for Linux using Qt. He travels the globe, consulting as a lead manager for software projects and teams. A graduate of the McGill University School of Computer Science, he spent five years working for Microsoft, where he developed and managed developers on the Visual Basic, Visual J++, and .NET Windows Forms teams.

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