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Hibernate Quickly

Hibernate Quickly

Patrick Peak

Aug 2005, Paperback
ISBN13: 9781932394412
ISBN10: 1932394419
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A concise introduction to Hibernate¹s many configuration and design options, this book distills Hibernate into digestible pieces with many code examples, practical usage scenarios, and coverage of the tools available to developers writing Hibernate applications. Using a crawl, walk, run teaching methodology, developers will learn what Hibernate is, what it can do, and how it can be used effectively.

New Hibernate features are covered and the provided code examples are incrementally evolved as new concepts are introduced. The examples included would execute from Ant and run as JUnit test cases. An understanding of JUnit is not required and running the code as a series of test cases allows for the easily demonstrated functionality without resorting to a complicated web application. How Hibernate can work with other common development tools and frameworks like XDoclet, Struts, Webwork, Spring, and Tapestry is also discussed as well as writing mapping files and creating associations

Patrick Peak is the chief technical officer of BrowserMedia, a Java/J2EE web development and design firm. His focus is on using open source frameworks and tools as competitive advantage for rapid custom software development. He lives in Arlington, Virginia.

Nick Heudecker is the president and founder of System Mobile, a software consulting firm. He has over seven years of commercial development experience, and has developed software products and solutions for multiple Fortune 500 clients, as well as media and government organizations. He lives in Chicago.