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White Collar Slacker's Handbook

White Collar Slacker's Handbook

Marc Saltzman

Apr 2005, Paperback, 192 pages
ISBN13: 9780789733108
ISBN10: 0789733102
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Technology may have created a 24/7 work culture, but a handful of savvy white-collar cubicle dwellers are standing up to the "the man" and using these very same (de)vices (the PC, World Wide Web, email and portable gadgets) to make it look like they're working when and where they're not.

The White Collar Slacker's Handbook: Tech Tricks to Fool Your Boss teaches you how to get away with slacking off in a corporate world and not just get away with it but even make it look like you're a dedicated, tireless workaholic at the same time. The White Collar Slacker's Handbook: Tech Tricks to Fool Your Boss also features dozens of sneaky tips, tricks and techniques on how to get away with slacking off. And it's all spelled out in plain English, complete with step-by-step instructions and visuals to help you pull it off without a hitch.

Best of all, in learning how to abuse technology to slack off, this handbook will in fact help you learn more about your PC, popular software and portable devices. How's that for irony?


1. Hey, Didn't You Get My Email?

Answer Email from Your Easy Chair Instead of Your Desk Chair.

Forwarding Basics: The Stuff You Need to Know.

Let Outlook Express Do Your Dirty Work.

Get In on the Fun with Outlook 2003.

Tricks and Other Sneaky Stuff to Do When Replying to Forwarded Mail.

Fake a Corrupted Document.

Email Auto-Replies-It's Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant.

Tools and Rules: Setting Up Auto-Replies with Outlook Express.

Having a Slack Attack? Set Up Your Auto-Replies in Outlook 2003.

It Is Better to Send Than Receive: Fun with Email Timers.

2. Chat Slack.

Disabling the Idle Notification.

AIM Users.

Yahoo! Messenger Users.

MSN Messenger Users.

Editing the Away or Busy Messages.

AIM Users.

Yahoo! Messenger Users.

Forwarding Your Messages to a Mobile Phone.

AIM Users.

Yahoo! Messenger Users.

MSN Messenger Users.

3. Remote Access Software, Your Best Friend.

Access Your Home or Work Computer-Anytime, Virtually Anywhere.

Work from pcAnywhere-With a Little Help from Symantec.

Click That Green Banner Ad! Introducing GoToMyPC.

Peering Through the Windows.

4. Portable Gadgets, Your Office away from the Office.

Finding Your Way Out of a BlackBerry Jam.

Goodbye Auto-Signature, Hello Three-Hour Lunch.

Hide Behind the Subject.

Get Sports Updates Right on Your BlackBerry.

Put the Mobile Back into Your Mobile Phone.

Sound Effects-Your Instant Alibi.

Set Yourself Free with Verizon's iobi Home.

Pay It Forward.

Fun with Cell Phone Games.

PDA and SmartPhone Tips.

Wanna Get Out of a Meeting?

Get Your PDA in on the Slacking.

DVDs in the Palm of Your Hand?

PDA Games Galore!

5. More Slacking Bites and Bytes.

Panic Buttons Are for Your Security-Job Security, That Is.

Get Personal Protection at Don's Boss! Page.

Play Games Worry-Free with Built-in Panic Buttons.

Keep Your Online Activity Out of Sight.

Erase Your History, Cover Your Tracks.

Terminate Your History and Avoid a Total Recall.

Don't Despair, Try Manual History Removal.

Protect Your Personal Files and Folders.

Other Fun Tips for Successful Slacking.

Hide Your Taskbar from Prying Eyes.

Fun with Screensavers.

PC Audio Tricks.

Fake Installation Programs Can Create Useful Break Time.

Ten Tips to Better Web Searching.

Free Games to Slack Off With.

Moraff's MoreJongg 3D.

America's Army.

Chrysler World Tours Golf.

Dink Smallwood.

A Chat with the "Don" of Slacking.

6. Office Shenanigans.

Unleash the Practical Joker in You.

Make Your Co-Worker Avoid His Start Button.

Install Random Burper for a Full Range of Disgusting Noises.

Start Moving, More Fun with the Start Button.

The Shocking Mouse Delivers a Jolt to Its User.

Cook Up Some Great Discussions for Break Time at

Give Your Co-Worker Hours of Frustration with Slippery Mouse.

Noisy Keyboard Speaks for Itself.

Win-Error and the Blue Screen of Death.

Watch Your Step-Mouse Droppings Alert!

Email Fun on the Run.

Add/Remove Programs Prank.

Give 'Em the Finger.

Slacking Websites You Shouldn't Miss.

The Scotsman.

Bored At Work.

Recruiters Network "Call in Sick" Excuses.

Office Diversions.

Slacker's Guild.

That Was Funny.

Christian's & Scott's Interactive Top Ten List.

Working Stiff "Stress-o-Meter".

BBC Lancashire-Office Fun.


No PC? No Gadgets? No Worries! (Re)Introducing the Classics.

Ye Old "Chair Cape".

Look Busy, Stupid.

Look Annoyed.

Be Messy!

Don't Touch That Dial.

Come In to Work Early.


Marc Saltzman is a prolific freelance journalist, author, and radio and TV host who specializes in consumer electronics, computer software and hardware, video gaming, portable devices, and Internet trends.

Along with his weekly syndicated columns with Gannett News Service,,, and the National Post (Canada), Marc currently contributes to more than 40 prominent publications, such as USA Today, LA Times, AARP—The Magazine, The Costco Connection, Playboy,, Microsoft @ Home, Electronic Gaming Monthly, PC Gamer, Tribute, Feature, HUB, and Here's How. Marc has authored 13 books and is a regular on-air technology expert on Next @ CNN, an award-winning tech show seen on CNN and its affiliates, and MoneyWise, seen on Global TV and the Prime Network in Canada.

Marc lives with his wife, Kellie, and three kids—twins Jacob and Maya, and Ethan—in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

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