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2005 Gamer's Almanac

2005 Gamer's Almanac

Your Daily Dose of Tricks, Cheats, and Fascinating Facts

Sean Carton

Jan 2005, Paperback, 416 pages
ISBN13: 9780789732415
ISBN10: 0789732416
This title is no longer available.

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Your daily dose of gaming goodness for Xbox, PlayStation, GameCube, GameBoy, PCs, Macs, and Linux! The 2005 Gamer's Almanac: Your Daily Dose of Tricks, Cheats, and Fascinating Facts is filled with entertaining reviews of games and game gear, comprehensive coverage of mobile and handheld games, gadgets and much more. You will love the inside tips and one-stop shopping approach to insider game industry information and the coverage of all time classic games. Included in the almanac is:

  • "Best of" and "Top 10" lists for every aspect of gaming
  • Essential guides for LAN parties, case-moders and other who enjoy getting together with friends
  • How-to articles on how to create your own games, mods and levels
  • Online guides on where to get the best FAQs and walkthroughs for FREE!
  • So much more!

This book is for you if you view gaming - be it PC, console or handheld gaming - as a major component of your life!

Sean Carton is an author, speaker, futurist and long-time veteran of the e-biz world. In 1993 Sean co-authored the best selling Mosaic Quick Tour series for Ventana Press with Gareth Brawyn, contributing editor of Wired. The Mosaic Quick Tour was one of the first books to focus exclusively on the World Wide Web. In 1995, Sean went on to write the Internet Virtual Worlds Quick Tour, one of the first books about virtual communities. In 1996, Sean published the 1184 page uber-tome Internet Power Toolkit.