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Your First 100 Days

Your First 100 Days

How to make maximum impact in your new leadership role

Niamh O'Keeffe

Oct 2011, Paperback, 176 pages
ISBN13: 9780273751328
ISBN10: 0273751328
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This book will coach you through the real-time challenge of the first 100 days in a new role, providing an all-in-one solution through a combination of structured planning, commercial insight and leadership coaching, all in a deliberately concise 100 minute speed-read.

The first 100 days in a job are a pressurised moment of need, this book addresses both the practical and emotional challenges faced by leaders, offering realistic guidance, thoughtful insights, and useful advice in bite-sized portions, which are easily understood and immediately implementable.

Table of Contents




Part 1 Beginning

1 Prepare

Let go of your previous role

Set up energy management system

Understand transition ‘givens’

Build profile of role, organization, market

Get ready to write your First 100 Days Plan

2 Your First 100 Days Plan

3 @ Start

Launch your First 100 Days Plan

Show up as a leader, not a manager

Bring sizzle as well as substance

EQ will be as important as IQ

Critical success factors for the next 30 days: day 1-30

Part 2 Middle

4 @ 30 days

Review progress against plan

Decide who and what really matters here

Fast-forward team performance

Update your First 100 Days Plan

Critical success factors for the next 30 days: day 30-60

5 @ 60 days

Review progress against plan

Make final decisions on who stays and who goes

Capitalise on the leadership multiplier effect

Update your First 100 Days Plan

Critical success factors for the next 30 days: day 60-90

Part 3 End

6 @ 90days

Review progress against plan

Write your 10-day 'to-do' list

Ask for feedback

Take time out for self-reflection

Critical success factors for the final 10 days: day 90-100

7 End

Close out your First 100 Days Plan

Record achievements and capture lessons learned

Communicate first 100 days success to stakeholders

Celebrate with your team

Consider your second act

Final words


Niamh O’Keeffe is the founder of First100, a business dedicated to accelerating the leadership performance of executives in their first 100 days, established in 2004. On average, her clients have evaluated their leadership performance to have improved by at least 30% as a result of the First100™ program. She knows first-hand the needs of this market and is well-qualified both by training and experience to meet their needs.