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International Corporate Governance

International Corporate Governance

Marc Goergen

Jan 2012, Paperback, 336 pages
ISBN13: 9780273751250
ISBN10: 0273751255
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International Corporate Governance provides a thorough introduction to the state of the art of corporate governance research and practice. It covers a wide range of topics, including corporate control, regulation, behavioural issues and the role of stakeholders in corporate governance. The text not only reflects the multidisciplinary nature of corporate governance, but it also adopts an international perspective by highlighting the major differences in corporate control and corporate governance practice across the world. While rigorous, the text avoids needless jargon and uses language that is accessible to a wider audience. It also makes a critical assessment of current regulation, practice and research findings.

Part I – Introduction to Corporate Governance

1 Defining corporate governance and key theoretical models

2 Corporate control across the world

3 Control versus ownership rights

Part II – International Corporate Governance

4 Taxonomies of corporate governance systems

5 Incentivising managers and the disciplining of badly performing managers

6 Corporate governance, types of financial systems and economic growth

7 Corporate governance regulation in an international context

Part III – Corporate Governance and Stakeholders

8 Corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investment

9 Debtholders

10 Employee rights and voice across corporate governance systems

11 The role of gatekeepers in corporate governance

Part IV – Improving Corporate Governance

12 Corporate governance in emerging markets

13 Contractual corporate governance

14 Corporate governance in initial public offerings

15 Behavioural biases and corporate governance

Part V – Conclusions

16 Learning from Diversity and Future Challenges for Corporate Governance

Part VI – Glossary

· Text boxes containing case studies illustrating the theoretical concepts covered in the chapters

· Discussion questions at the end of each chapter and exercises for the chapters introducing quantitative concepts of corporate governance

· A section with key readings as well as further (more advanced) readings at the end of each chapter

· An online test bank consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions of varying degrees of difficulty testing student knowledge and comprehension

· For Instructors: An instructor’s manual with teaching notes to the discussion questions and exercises and a set of slides

Marc Goergen is Professor of Finance at Cardiff Business School and a Research Associate of the European Corporate Governance Institute. He has published widely on corporate governance and corporate finance including in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, Journal of Financial Intermediation and the Journal of Corporate Finance.