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Accounting for Non-Accounting Students 9th Edition

Accounting for Non-Accounting Students 9th Edition

9th Edition

John Dyson, Ellie Franklin

Apr 2017, Paperback, 540 pages
ISBN13: 9781292128979
ISBN10: 1292128976
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Accounting for Non Accounting Students is the perfect addition if you need to grasp the fundamentals of financial and management accounting. This book assumes no previous accounting knowledge, and with its clear writing style, combined with real world examples, it offers what you need to help you advance in your studies.

Alongside the book, you can visit the new Accounting for Non-Accounting Students companion website at to access a comprehensive range of student-learning resources, including additional questions, web links for further reading and a glossary of key terms.

Publisher’s acknowledgements

List of Abbreviations

Part 1 Introduction to accounting
1 Accounting and the business world
2 Accounting rules and regulations

Part 2 Financial accounting
3 Recording data
4 Sole trader accounts
5 Company accounts
6 Other entity accounts
7 Statement of cash flows
Case studies

Part 3 Financial reporting
8 The annual report
9 The annual accounts
10 Interpretation of accounts
11 Contemporary issues
Case studies

Part 4 Management Accounting
12 Foundations
13 Direct costs
14 Indirect costs
15 Budgeting
16 Standard costing
17 Contribution analysis
18 Decision making
19 Capital investment
20 Emerging issues
Case studies


This book contains many pedagogical and design features to help provide a supported and engaging learning experience:

· Special introductions that provide context and explains to non-accountants why the respective chapter is important

· A full-colour design that helps to enliven the text without distracting from the substantial information

· Contemporary news stories and news clips that opens up each new chapter and section to provide you with examples of relevant issues that accountants face

Comprehensive examples and ‘key points’ sections to get you thinking

· Chapters conclude with 'Check your learning' sections which have numerous quizzes and questions to help you periodically recap on your learning

Alongside the book, lecturers have access to a lecturer resource centre which provides an instructor’s manual and PowerPoint slides. To download these visit

John R. Dyson was formerly Director of Studies of the Heriot-Watt University Management Programme, Edinburgh

Ellie Franklin is qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Accounting, Audit and Finance at Middlesex University, London