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Introduction to Statistics and SPSS in Psychology

Introduction to Statistics and SPSS in Psychology

Andrew Mayers

Apr 2013, Paperback, 632 pages
ISBN13: 9780273731016
ISBN10: 0273731017
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Introduction to Statistics and SPSS in Psychology guides the reader carefully and concisely up the statistics staircase to success. Each step is supported by helpful visuals as well as advice on how to overcome problems. Interactive, lively, but never patronising, this is the complete guide to statistics that will take readers through their degree course from beginning to end.

Take a step in the right direction and tackle statistics head on with this visual introduction.

1. Introduction

2. SPSS: The Basics

3. Normal Distribution

4. Significance, effect size, and power

5. Experimental methods - how to choose the correct statistical test

6. Correlation

7. Independent t-test

8. Related t-test

9. Independent one-way ANOVA

10. Repeated-measures one-way ANOVA

11. Independent multi-factorial ANOVA

12. Repeated-measures multi-factorial ANOVA

13. Mixed multi-factorial ANOVA

14. Multivariate analyses

15. Analyses of covariance

16. Linear and multiple linear regression

17. Logistic regression

18. Non-parametric tests

19. Tests for categorical variables

20. Factor analysis

21. Reliability analysis

Statistics and SPSS are made clear through:

  • Full colour screenshots illustrating how to run a test in SPSS
  • Coverage of both ‘Repeated-measures MANOVA’ and ‘Multivariate ANCOVA’
  • Examples of tests already worked through demonstrating how they’ve been applied to actual psychological research
  • Nuts and bolts and Take a closer look boxes explaining statistical concepts in more detail
  • Explanations of how to calculate outcomes manually helping readers to understand the maths behind the tests

Dr Andrew Mayers is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Bournemouth University

"This is a comprehensive resource of all the statistics you could ever want for degree level Psychology" - Neil Cruickshank, Budmouth College, Weymouth

"Definitely my go-to statistics textbook, the perfect guide for all levels of undergraduate" - Psychology student, University of Glasgow

"This book provides clear and comprehensive coverage of a wide range of statistical tests used in psychology. It will be of great value to novice and advanced researchers alike." - Dr Richard rowe, University of Sheffield

"This engaging and student-centred book demystifies the challenges of statistics and SPSS for the numerically anxious student." - Dr Kate Bullen, Aberystwyth University