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Lanie Denslow

Co-author of Working with Americans

Lanie Denslow is an innovative manager with a background in retailing, business development and international business. As founder of World Wise Intercultural Training and Resources, she provides unique training seminars and customized programs that prepare business professionals to conduct business worldwide.

Lanie Denslow also serves as the international director for the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, a private college headquartered in Los Angeles, where she develops international programs and manages the institution’s international exchange relationships.

Her previous management responsibilities have included the successful development and supervision of specialized retail programs for a national retailer. As executive vice president of a commercial real estate development company, she managed multi-disciplinary teams charged with planning, constructing, financing, and managing approximately two million square feet of warehouse and office facilities.

A frequent public speaker on international business, Lanie Denslow’s assignments have included programs for Rotary International, Los Angeles, NAFSA/International Educator’s Society, and the Export Managers Association.

A graduate of the International Protocol School, Washington, DC. Lanie holds a BA from Antioch University Southern California and both MBA and Masters of International Business degrees from Pepperdine University.

Lanie serves on the board of directors of the Foreign Trade Association, Los Angeles, Women in International Trade and the International Visitors Council, Los Angeles. She is a member of the French-American Chamber of Commerce, Fashion Group International, and NAFSA/Society of International Educators. She is volunteer co-ordinator for a Hope Net Food Pantry and member of the Society of Wine Educators.


Author's areas of Expertise

  • Working with Americans
  • Building Intercultural Connections
  • Skills for International Relocation
  • Dining and Business Protocol

Quotes from the Author

The definition of reasonable, appropriate behavior varies by culture. Learn more about Americans and you’ll be better able to avoid misunderstanding, build productive relationships and capitalize your business opportunities.

Although America is a young country, it does have a history and Americans tend to see that history as triumphant – that their ancestors tamed a wilderness and created a dynamic, free society that continues today.

Failure is a learning experience. To Americans trying something new whether it’s moving to a new city, starting a business, returning to school is reasonable. Further, its acceptable to try and fail as long as you learn something along the way!

People or schedules, which comes first? How do you answer the question: Is time scarce or bountiful? Your answer reveals much about your priorities and patterns of behaviour. Time is the key. (For Americans The Clock is King)

Just keep talking! American conversations have been said to resemble a tennis match: back and forth, back and forth. Americans take turns when talking. They do not like interruptions and even more they do not like silence.

Speaker services

Allyson and Lanie are available for

  • Workshops, Conference Presentations, Individual coaching for groups and individuals on the topic of Working With Americans.
  • Programs can vary from 1 hour to several days depending on client requirements. Content will be adapted to the requirements of the audience.
  • Specialized consulting for companies planning to enter US market. Programs tailored to needs of client.
  • Seminars and individual coaching on business development in the US and/or Europe.

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