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Allyson Stewart-Allen

Allyson Stewart-Allen

Author of Working with Americans

Allyson Stewart-Allen is an American (Californian!) based in Europe for the past 2 decades, from where she advises a broad range of companies and industries – from professional sports teams to legal services – wanting to build their US presence and profits.

Before establishing and running her Los Angeles and London-based consulting firm, International Marketing Partners, she was a marketing consultant with PwC, PA Consulting Group and Hay Management Consultants after earning her MBA under the direct tutelage of Dr. Peter Drucker at Claremont Graduate University.

Allyson appears regularly as a marketing expert on CNN International, is regularly quoted in Les Echos, The Wall St. Journal Europe amongst other publications, and has regular columns in Market Leader and Marketing News magazines. She is a frequent keynote speaker at international management conferences around the globe.

Author's areas of Expertise

  • International marketing
  • Market research
  • Business development
  • Strategic alliances/joint ventures
  • Branding

Quotes from the Author

"Most businesses that go into the US market for the first time get sucked into the black hole of its size… understanding this, and the way Americans think and their values is critical."

"Lots of people in Europe joke about the ‘ugly American’ – the ‘aren’t foreigners funny’ theme, but it’s even more insightful that there are so few jokes about the ‘ugly foreigner in the US"

"What’s the biggest mistake to make when working with Americans? Not appreciating the value we place on our time – time really IS money."

"If you want to really make it in the States, you’ve got to act, look and think like an American – not many people take the time to study the business culture because they assume it’ll be just like their own culture – where does that assumption come from? How wrong they are!"

Speaker services

Allyson and Lanie are available for

  • Workshops, Conference Presentations, Individual coaching for groups and individuals on the topic of Working With Americans.
  • Programs can vary from 1 hour to several days depending on client requirements. Content will be adapted to the requirements of the audience.
  • Specialized consulting for companies planning to enter US market. Programs tailored to needs of client.
  • Seminars and individual coaching on business development in the US and/or Europe.

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