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Border Fury: England and Scotland at War

The border wars between England and Scotland, with legendary figures such as William Wallace (Braveheart) and Robert the Bruce, have been romanticised in poetry, prose and on film. The reality was three long and bloody centuries of conflict.  John Sadler, author of new book Border Fury, says that: “There was nothing swashbuckling about this. People, regardless of age or sex, were indiscriminately slaughtered or left to starve, with crops incinerated, livestock driven off and buildings levelled.”

This terror spilled over onto the international scene, the hard lessons in mobile warfare the English learnt from fighting against the Scots enabled them to establish tactical superiority over the French during the Hundred Years War. At the same time they also exported terror as an instrument of policy. 

Border Fury traces the history of the border wars, and shows how crucial they have been in determining the character of both the Scots and English, and how the long standing resentment over English attempts at domination still persist.

Primarily a military history, it conveys what it was actually like for the combatants. Based on existing primary and secondary sources, combined with the author's personal experience of walking the battlefields, and information gathered through his access to private collections of arms and armour, it covers all the major campaigns and battles. It also includes a detailed discussion of the terrain, commanders, weapons, tactics and outcomes in each case.

Sadler also looks at developments in the art of war during the period and the key transition from medieval to renaissance warfare. All the key personalities involved are profiled and the topography of each battle site is examined in detail, with the author providing several new interpretations that differ radically from those that have previously been understood.

This is the first total overview of the long history of the Anglo-Scottish Border Wars and gives a valuable insight into why the legacy of these battles lives with us today in the current climate of Anglo-Scottish relations and the devolution debate.

Border Fury

Border Fury: England and Scotland at War
Author John Sadler
Pub Date 7 January 2005
Price £25.00
ISBN 0582772931
Publisher Longman
Buy online from before 7th April 2005 to save 10% on the RRP of £25.00.

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