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07 Dec 04

A Military History of the English Civil War

“Parliament’s victory in the Civil War was less to do with their greater physical resources, and Sir Thomas Fairfax's strategic flair, than on the King's faulty command structure.”
Malcolm Wanklyn

The 1640s, a long decade of bloodshed and civil war, Royalists v Republicans, brother against brother culminating in Regicide. Historians to date have seen Parliament’s victory as a foregone conclusion. Professor Malcolm Wanklyn begs to differ: “Nobody has undertaken a thorough re-examination of the Great Civil War in England and Wales from a military perspective. As a result, discussions of the reasons for Parliament’s victory have been couched almost entirely in terms of resources, with the outcome seen as inevitable.”

In his new book, A Military History of the English Civil War, Professor Wanklyn delivers a thorough critique of the reasons that have been cited for Parliament's victory and the King's defeat in 1645/46. Drawing on a wide range of contemporary sources he challenges the presumption of Parliament’s victory.

Re-examining the reputations of the generals on both sides and providing a clear and accurate chronology of the war, this original history addresses the central issues head on: how the war was won and why it ended when it did. It reassesses the accepted theories and corrects many widely held, incorrect beliefs.

It also includes the first thorough discussion of the resources possessed by both sides, which waxed and waned as the war progressed, and concludes that the decisive battles ended as they did largely because of operational factors, not because Parliament enjoyed an overwhelming advantage in resources.

A Military History of the English Civil War

A Military History of the English Civil War
Author: Malcom Wanklyn and Frank Jones
Publisher: Longman
Pub Date: 26 November 2004
Price: £19.99
ISBN: 0582772818

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