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29 Nov 2004

The Road to Crecy, The English Invasion of France, 1346

Longman History are delighted to announce the publication of The Road to Crecy, The English Invasion of France, 1346 by Morgen Witzel and Marilyn Livingstone.

The Road to Crécy re-creates the battle and the equally dramatic events that led up to it. Using original source material, the authors bring the battle to life with the stories of the many personalities involved; not only the kings and nobles, but ordinary men-at-arms, archers, non-combatants, and even King Edward’s bank manager, who accompanied him to war.

The book features a unique campaign diary - recounting events on a daily basis. It looks at the English tactics and how these, together with their new war-winning weapon, the longbow, enabled them to carry the day. It concludes with the epilogue of Crécy, the siege and capture of Calais, and goes on to analyse the impact of the battle in terms of both political and military history in the decades, even centuries, to come.

Background to the book:

On 26 August 1346 on a low ridge outside the village of Crécy-en-Ponthieu in north-western France, an English army of perhaps 12,000 men under the command of King Edward III faced a combined French and German force five times their number under Edward's rival King Philip VI.

The result, on the part of the French at least, was seen as a foregone conclusion. The English army, largely composed of foot soldiers, exhausted after days of marching and fighting, would be ridden down and overwhelmed by the armoured knights of France, then universally regarded as the finest fighting men in Europe.

A few hours later, all was over. Thousands of French knights and auxiliary troops lay dead or dying on the slopes of the ridge, shot down by the English & Welsh archers as they advanced. King Philip, wounded twice by enemy arrows, had fled the field.

Crécy was the first and most important battle of the 100 Years War when, against all the odds, the English broke France's stronghold on Europe and turned the course of the war. More dramatic, decisive and bloody than Agincourt, it heralded a new era in warfare. This is the complete history of that conflict, in all its triumph and tragedy.

The Road to Crecy

The Road to Crecy
The English Invasion of France, 1346
Morgen Witzel, Marilyn Livingstone

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