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08 Jun 04

Election Fever!

As 455 million people from 25 countries get ready to place an X in the box on 10th June 2004, now is a great time to ‘get wise’ to the ins and outs of politics.

Pearson Education publishes a wide range of books on Politics. Why not browse the titles featured below.

New Labour's Pasts New Labour's Pasts
The Labour Party and Its Discontents
James Cronin
0582438276 (Hardback) May 2004, 512 pages 

The New British Politics
3rd Edition

Ian Budge, Ivor Crewe, David McKay, Ken Newton
0582473357 (Paperback) Dec 2003, 768 pages 
The New British Politics

Politics UK Politics UK
5th Edition

Bill Jones, Dennis Kavanagh, Michael Moran, Philip Norton
0130994073 (Paperback) Mar 2004, 840 pages 

Devolution and British Politics
Michael O'Neill
0582472741 (Paperback) Apr 2004, 408 pages 
Devolution and British Politics

Rogers: How Parliament Works Rogers: How Parliament Works
5th Edition

Robert Rogers, Rodri Walters
058243744X (Paperback) Mar 2004, 456 pages 

Alternatively, click here to visit our full portfolio of politics titles.

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