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With just over 15,000 different titles available on the Pearson online bookshop it is not always easy to find the book that best fits your requirements. Links to all subjects and sub-disciplines are located on the left or, to find specific titles, please use the search menu on the right.

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Alternatively, let us recommend the best title for your individual needs. Simply e-mail us details of the subject you are interested in and any specific requirements that will help us determine the most relevant Pearson Education product for you and we will e-mail you back with our recommendations.

Recommended Reading Lists

Business, Finance & Management

  1. How To Lead 3e
  2. How to Influence
  3. Who Cares Wins
  4. FT Guide to Business Start Up 2012
  5. How to Double Your Sales
  6. Zoom!
  7. The Business Playground

Careers & Personal Development

  1. The Rules of Work
  2. Flip It 2e
  3. How to Save An Hour Every Day
  4. The Rules of Life
  5. Persuasion
  6. Focus
  7. The Life Book
  8. Creativity Now
  9. Brilliant NLP
  10. Mind Maps For Business

Computers & the Internet

  1. Digital Photography Book, The
  2. Digital Photography Book, Volume 2, The
  3. Digital Photography Book, Volume 3, The
  4. Brilliant Windows 7
  5. Brilliant Windows 8
  6. Brilliant Office 2007
  7. Microsoft Office 2007 In Simple Steps
  8. Microsoft Excel 2007 In Simple Steps
  9. Adobe Photoshop CS4 Classroom in a Book
  10. Adobe Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers, The
  11. Easy Computer Basics, Windows 7 Edition (UK edition)
  12. Brilliant Excel 2007
  13. My MacBook (Lion Edition)


  1. The Slump
  2. History Meets Fiction
  3. The Pursuit of History
  4. The Red Rose and the White
  5. Rome
  6. The Inter-War Crisis
  7. Civilization in the West
  8. The Age of Reformation
  9. Europe's Barbarians AD 200-600


  1. Going Astray
  2. Reading Joyce
  3. Re:Verse
  4. Reading Poetry
  5. Lyrical Ballads
  6. William Blake
  7. The Dunciad (revised first edition)
  8. Thomas Hardy
  9. Victorian Women Poets
  10. Browning: Selected Poems

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