If you are seeking permission to reproduce copyright material from a Pearson Education title, please send the following details of the extract or figure to the Permissions Department with your request to reproduce copyright material:

  • author, ISBN number and title of book extract is taken from
  • year of publication and edition number
  • page reference
  • a copy of the extract that is to be reproduced.

In addition, please supply the following information about your book (i.e the book in which the extract will be reproduced):

  • title
  • names of author(s)/editor(s)
  • size of the print run
  • proposed publication date
  • price of the book
  • estimated extent.

If Pearson does not hold the rights to the material, we will put you in contact with the copyright holder.

To request permission to reproduce copyright material, please contact our permissions department.

For students with a disability who may have difficulty in using standard textbooks, we may be able to provide our titles in a more accessible format.  Please contact us with the ISBN number, author's name and title of the book or books concerned.