World Business Thinking

What we learn today can change our business lives tomorrow. It can change our organizations and the way they compete; change the strategies we pursue, and change forever the way we work. That's why we have created the world's first truly global business publishing programme dedicated to informing and inspiring business minds for a life of learning.

FT Prentice Hall books bring together the latest business thinking from the best business minds in the world, and help students to learn and professionals to excel. Whether it's with a strategy that opens new doors, a technique that solves a problem, or simply a new perspective that helps makes sense of it all, our books are there to help the business world to live and learn.

This powerful collaboration between the Financial Times and Pearson Education brings together the authority and imprimatur of the world's leading business newspaper with the publishing expertise of the world's leading educational publisher. FT Prentice Hall has rapidly developed into a flagship global publishing programme.

Addressing business, finance and investment, the FT Prentice Hall publishing programme is driven by experienced editors in Europe, North America and Asia. We source our authors from a growing network of great business schools, expert advisors and business leaders, and craft books designed to deliver a smarter learning experience. FT Prentice Hall is home to many of the business world's top authors, including Henry Mintzberg, Philip Kotler, Stephen Robbins, and Jonas Ridderstrale, and has delivered a steady stream of best-selling titles, including Mastering Management, Strategy Safari, Principles of Marketing, Exploring Corporate Strategy, Funky Business and the Financial Times Handbook of Management.

So, from MBAs to CEOs, from HRM to M&A, FT Prentice Hall books can move your business mind.

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