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Last week at The Reg

For anyone that missed last weeks article - its not too late, you can still find all the featured titles listed below and weve extended all thoses discounts so you don't loss out.

Art of UNIX Programming, The
The Art of UNIX Programming poses the belief that understanding the unwritten UNIX engineering tradition and mastering its design patterns will help programmers of all stripes to beco...
Code Reading

Code Reading

The Open Source Perspective

Diomidis Spinellis

Paperback with CD-ROM, Jun 2003
ISBN13: 9780201799408
ISBN10: 0201799405
This book is a unique and essential reference that focuses upon the reading and comprehension of existing software code. While code reading is an important task faced by the vast majority of studen...
MySQL Tutorial

MySQL Tutorial

Luke Welling, Laura Thomson

Paperback, Dec 2003
ISBN13: 9780672325847
ISBN10: 0672325845
Appropriate for all courses in database usage, development, or design with MySQL. In MySOL Tutorial, two of the world's leading MySQL experts present a clear and concis...
Advanced UNIX Programming

Advanced UNIX Programming

2nd Edition

Marc Rochkind

Hardback, May 2004
ISBN13: 9780131411548
ISBN10: 0131411543
The changes to UNIX programming that have taken place since 1985 are extensive to say the least. The first edition of Advanced UNIX Programming is still used and considered to be a must have book o...
Agile Estimating and Planning
The first step to project success is accurate estimating and realistic planning.Projects with unrealistic expectations affixed to them are likely to derail at anearly stage. This book...
Firefox and Thunderbird

Firefox and Thunderbird

Beyond Browsing and Email

Peter Hipson

Paperback, Nov 2005
ISBN13: 9780789734587
ISBN10: 0789734583