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Pearson sells digital products in a variety of formats. To help you understand what you are buying and how you can access it, we’ve put together some simple explanations of the formats below.

Access Code protected products

Some of our digital products, such as eBooks, Mastering and MyLabs are protected by an Access Codes. You will need to use this access code to unlock your access to the digital product, by following the instructions received with your access code. Access Codes can either be obtained by purchasing a product in the format of a Book with access code, they be purchased instantly online where you see a product with the format of Access Code or they can be purchased in the format of an Access / Pin Card, which will be sent to you in the post.

Access Code Protected iconAccess Code

Access Code format products which can be purchased instantly online will have the padlock / download icon (shown above) on the corner on their jacket image.

Online Purchase iconOnline Course Access

Online Course Access products are Pearson eBooks, Mastering and MyLabs products which you can purchase access to directly using a credit card. These are digital products and no physical product will be supplied as part of the purchase. Most of these products are available either with or without access to the eBook as part of the online course, so please ensure that you select the correct option to meet your needs. Online Course Access products can be identified by looking out for the hand icon above, or by visiting the product website directly. Please note that when you purchase Online Course Access products, you will be taken to a separate ecommerce website to complete that purchase, so if you already had items in your basket at this website, you will need to pay for these separately.

CourseSmart eTextbooks iconCourseSmart eTextbooks

You can purchase access to CourseSmart eTextbooks directly at the website. Any CourseSmart titles in our website will contain a link to the product page on the CourseSmart website to enable to you to complete your purchase there. Please note that to purchase CourseSmart eTextbooks you will be taken to a separate ecommerce website, so if you already had items in your basket at this website, you will need to pay for these separately.

ePub eBook iconePub & PDF eBook iconPDF eBook

The ePub & PDF eBooks sold on this website can be viewed using Vitalsource software software or on a Vitalsource Supported Device. Once purchased, you can download your eBook instantly, either via the download link which is emailed to you as soon as you complete your online order or by viewing the download link against the order in the MyAccount area of this website.