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Paint Shop Pro 8 in a Snap

Paint Shop Pro 8 in a Snap

Jennifer Fulton

Oct 2003, Paperback, 480 pages
ISBN13: 9780672323898
ISBN10: 0672323893
This title is no longer available.

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These days, nobody really needs to learn everything there is to know about software product like Paint Shop Pro. And even if you did, who has the time to endlessly tinker and play with it until you figure everything out?

You just want a book that will quickly show you how to do things with Paint Shop Pro ¿ things that aren¿t already covered in the docs, and things you can¿t just figure out on your own.

Paint Shop Pro in a Snap is designed specifically for today¿s computer user:

  • Somebody who is new to Paint Shop Pro, but not new to computers.
  • Somebody who doesn¿t have time for long-winded, mind-numbing explanations ¿ and certainly no time or patience for bad jokes.

Organized into a series of well-organized, bite-sized, quickly accomplished tasks, this book lets the reader zero right in on the one particular task he or she wants to accomplish, quickly figure out what to do, do it, and then get back to work.

Jennifer Fulton, iVillage¿s "Computer Coach," is a consultant, trainer, and best-selling author of more than 80 books covering areas of computing, including Windows, Office, and computer repair.

She is a self-taught computer guru ¿ if something can happen to a computer user it has happened to her at one time or another. After working with computers all day, she brings what is left of her sense of humor to her many books.