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Inside Track to Academic Research, Writing & Referencing

Inside Track to Academic Research, Writing & Referencing

Mary Deane

Apr 2010, Paperback, 192 pages
ISBN13: 9781408236987
ISBN10: 1408236982
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Academic Research, Writing & Referencing will provide you with practical guidance and tips on searching for literature and referencing your sources in a scholarly manner, helping you to avoid plagiarism and to produce successful academic writing assignments whatever your course of study. With the in-depth understanding of the practice of integrating and referencing academic sources and research into your writing that this book delivers, you will be better prepared to deal with – and succeed in - the full range of writing tasks that will be expected of you over the course of your academic studies and on into your chosen career.

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Introduction: entering the academy

About the author


Part I: Academic integrity

Introduction to Part 1

Chapter 1: Academic integrity

Chapter 2: Avoiding plagiarism

Part 2 Research

Introduction to Part 2

Chapter 3: Locating sources

Chapter 4: Assessing sources

Chapter 5: Reading sources critically

Part 3 Writing

Introduction to Part 3

Chapter 6: Integrating sources by quoting

Chapter 7: Integrating sources by paraphrasing

Chapter 8: Integrating sources by summarising

Chapter 9: Critiquing sources

Part IV: Referencing

Introduction to Part 4

Chapter 10: The Harvard Style

Chapter 11: Academic disciplines and referencing systems

Conclusion: succeeding in the academy


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Get the inside track on:

· Why should you reference?

· Searching for, selecting, and evaluating sources for academic assignments

· How to credit others

· Crediting sources and avoiding plagiarism

· Integrating research by quoting, summarising and paraphrasing

· How to construct an argument based on research

· Referencing styles: the Harvard style, the MLA style, the Legal Referencing System

· Tips on academic argumentation.