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How To Be Brilliant

How To Be Brilliant

2nd Edition

Michael Heppell

Sep 2007, Paperback, 192 pages
ISBN13: 9780273714514
ISBN10: 0273714511
This product has been replaced by How to Be Brilliant 4th edn

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Some areas of your work and life might need a bit of help - others you might think are pretty good. But even the good bits could almost certainly be better, and now is the time to make the next step up and really shine. The second edition of bestselling How To Be Brilliant provides a complete practical guide to gaining new levels of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration in your life.

How To Be Brilliant is based on author Michael Heppell's 2 dat extensive training programmes. Thousands of people from prisoners to managing directors, from young to old have taken part in Heppell's training course to find brilliance. This valuable course has now been distilled into this one book.

It includes a 90 day plan to help you achieve your short term goals and gives you over 50 tools which can be used to help you move up to the next level. It also uses many clear examples and stories to show you how to overcome barriers that hold you back. You'll learn how to develop a clear vision for your brilliant future.

Preface – Brilliant moments will change your life

Introduction – Brilliant participation

Chapter 1 A brilliant life balance


Chapter 2 The five characteristics of brilliant people

Chapter 3 Brilliant goal setting.

Chapter 4 Time to be brilliant

Chapter 5 Brilliant belief system

Chapter 6 Brilliant rock-busting

Chapter 7 Brilliant values

Chapter 8 Brilliant teams

Chapter 9 Brilliant vision

Chapter 10 Brilliance in action

Chapter 11 How to be Brilliant-er

Chapter 12 Overcoming obstacles - what stops brilliance

Chapter 13 Brilliance Uncovered.

  • This book provides a complete practical guide to gaining new levels of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration.
  • Learn how to develop a clear vision for a brilliant future and communicate with your friends, family and colleagues at a higher level.
  • Build a 90-day plan to achieve short-term goals.

Michael Heppell is one of the most acclaimed motivational speakers in the world. He works with thousands of individuals every year and several FTSE 100 companies and organisations helping people to step up brilliance.