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An Introduction to Human Geography

An Introduction to Human Geography

Issues for the 21st Century
3rd Edition

Peter Daniels, Michael Bradshaw, Denis Shaw, James Sidaway

Jul 2008, Paperback, 544 pages
ISBN13: 9780132056847
ISBN10: 0132056844
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This product has been replaced by An Introduction to Human Geography 5th edn

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An Introduction to Human Geography is an essential textbook for undergraduate students taking courses in geography and related disciplines in the social sciences. Comprehensively revised, the third edition of this widely used text provides a global overview of the major topics within human geography. Focusing on key geographical challenges facing the world at the beginning of the twenty-first century, stimulating coverage examines the forces that shape economies and societies, and each chapter is written by a specialist in the field.

Guide to Spotlight boxes and Case studies


Guided tour

Introduction: Geography: a mirror to the world

Section 1: Worlds in the past

1. Pre-capitalist worlds

2. The rise and spread of capitalism

3. The making of the twentieth-century world

Section 2: Population, resources, food, the environment and development

4. Demographic transformations

5. Resources and development

6. Valuing the environment

7. Changing geographies of food consumption and production

8. Worlds apart: global difference and inequality

Section 3: Society, settlement and culture

9. Cities: urban worlds

10. Social inequalities and spatial exclusions

11. Rural worlds

12. Social constructions of nature

13. Geography, culture and global change

Section 4: Production, exchange and consumption

14. Geographies of the economy

15. The geographies of global production networks

16. Service economies, spatial divisions of expertise and the second global shift

17. The global financial system: worlds of monies

18. Consumption and its geographies

Section 5: Political geographies: territoriality, states and geopolitics

19. Territory, space and society

20. The place of the nation-state

21. Geopolitical traditions





  • Full colour presentation brings out the vitality and colour of the people and places
  • Re-enforced social, cultural and environmental coverage
  • More critical coverage and greater currency with the latest controversies, debates and hot topics
  • More on key phenomena in 21st century life - the social production of nature, global production networks, service economies and the second global shift.
  • An innovative website supports the text at
  • A continued range of pedagogical features that help clarify, extend and apply understanding, including ‘Spotlight’ boxes that provide deeper analysis of a key topic or concept, and ‘Thematic’ case studies that illustrate a real-world theme or example