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Easy Photoshop Elements 3

Easy Photoshop Elements 3

Kate Binder

Nov 2004, Paperback with CD-ROM, 256 pages
ISBN13: 9780789733306
ISBN10: 0789733307
This title is no longer available.

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Sure, the digital camera you bought is great. It has a 1GB memory stick, can take short movies and fits in your pocket. But what do you do with all of the pictures you take? Easy Photoshop Elements 3 can show you how to quickly modify, print and share your digital photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3. Through step-by-step illustrated instructions, you will learn how to get the impressive results you want without a lot of fuss. You'll learn how to:

  • Open a picture in Photoshop Elements 3.
  • Control how tools behave when editing your pictures.
  • Resize and print your pictures.
  • Create a CD archive of your image files.
  • Use effects for creative photos.
  • Build an online photo album.
  • So much more!
Easy Photoshop Elements 3 will have you creating digital photo masterpieces and turning them into real-life works of art in no time!

Kate Binder is a design and graphics expert who works from her home in New Hampshire. She has written articles on graphics, publishing, and photography for magazines including Shutterbug, Publish, eDigital Photo, PEI, and Desktop Publishers Journal. Kate is also the author of several books, including Easy Mac OS X v10.3 Panther, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Mac OS X, and Easy Adobe Photoshop 6, and she is the co-author of books including SVG for Designers, and Get Creative: The Digital Photo Idea Book. Kate is very good at breaking a task down into its component steps and has a strong visual sense that enables her to provide useful and colorful screen shots to illustrate the tasks.