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Acquisition Essentials

Acquisition Essentials

A step-by-step guide to smarter deals

Denzil Rankine, Peter Howson

Oct 2005, Paperback, 232 pages
ISBN13: 9780273688617
ISBN10: 0273688618
This product has been replaced by Acquisition Essentials

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If you are a manager who is new to the complex area of M&A, you need to learn quickly about what to look out for and what to avoid. Unprepared managers can be sucked along by the process and end up being disappointed, or even out of a job. This is the ultimate practical and easy to follow guide to Acquisitions.


Chapter 1 The Foundations

Chapter 2 Finding Candidates

Chapter 3 Preliminary Negotiations

Chapter 4 The Integration Plan

Chapter 5 Investigating The Target

Chapter 6 Valuation

Chapter 7 Negotiation

Chapter 8 The Sale and Purchase Agreement


  • Acquisition is the most powerful corporate development tool available to companies and will therefore always be on the business agenda.
  • Very practical and easy to follow: diagrams, checklists and case studies throughout.
  • The author has an accessible style and approach.
  • All the information you need on what can make acquisitions work, lessons form the past and guidance for the future.

Denzil Rankine is Chief Executive of AMR International, a strategy boutique specialising in acquisition-related activity.