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Sports Sponsorship and Marketing Communications

Sports Sponsorship and Marketing Communications

A European Perspective

Wim Lagae

Jan 2005, Paperback, 264 pages
ISBN13: 9780273687061
ISBN10: 0273687069
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Sports Sponsorship and Marketing Communications concentrates primarily on the objectives of marketing communication of brands that invest in sport sponsoring and how sponsors can utilise sport sponsoring to achieve brand and sales-related objectives.

This book provides a truly European approach to this emerging field and provides the reader with a very clear link between marketing communications theory and the practicalities of sports sponsorship.

This book is written for any students studying sports marketing, sports management, physical education or broader marketing courses. The book also aims to reach professionals in this field.

1. Sport, marketing and communication
2. Sports sponsorship
3. Sport sponsoring and public relations
4. Sports sponsorship and advertising
5. Sports sponsorship and direct marketing
6. Sports sponsorship and sales promotion
7. The effectiveness of sports sponsorship communication

  • Chapter Overview sets up the chapter structure.
  • Teaching Objectives clearly outlines material to follow.
  • Sections and Sub Headings in the main text aid in digesting the important facts.
  • Tables and diagrams help conceptualise concepts.
  • Mini cases and worked-out examples illustrate the core theme.
  • End-of-chapter key terms, review questions, discussion questions and a summary provide reinforcement of key concepts.
  • Comprehensive follow-up cases at the end of each chapter demonstrate real-world situations.
  • Endnotes offer access to relevant literature to enable further study and research.