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Active Learning

Active Learning

101 Strategies to Teach Any Subject

Mel Silberman

Mar 1996, Paperback, 189 pages
ISBN13: 9780205178667
ISBN10: 0205178669
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Enliven your middle school, high school, college or adult education with 101 strategies that can be used to teach virtually any subject. Active Learning contains the most comprehensive collection of active learning techniques ever published. Each strategy is described with clear, step-by-step instructions. If you are committed to making learning active, but occasionally run out of steam, this is the book to get you back on track with fresh ideas and innovative strategies. And if you are just starting off, this book is the perfect introduction.


About the Author.


1. Introducing Active Learning.
How the Brain Works.Learning Styles.The Social Side of Learning.Concerns about Active Learning.The Nuts and Bolts of Active Learning.

2. How to Get Students Active from the Start.
Team-Building Strategies.On-the-Spot Assessment Strategies.Immediate Learning Involvement Strategies.

3. How to Help Students Acquire Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes... Actively.
Full-Class Learning.Stimulating Class Discussion.Prompting Questions.Collaborative Learning.Peer Teaching.Independent Learning.Affective Learning.Skill Development.

4. How to Make Learning Unforgettable.
Reviewing Strategies.Self-Assessment.Future Planning.Final Sentiments.

  • 101 activities include ice-breakers for the beginning of class, strategies for the middle of a lesson, and concluding exercises to foster student reflection and future application.
  • 101 activities are designed to enliven learning, deepen understanding, and promote retention.
  • Opening chapter describes active learning and how to prepare a classroom for it.

Mel Silberman is a psychologist known internationally as a pioneer in the areas of interpersonal intelligence, active learning, and facilitation/consultation. As Professor of Adult and Organizational Development at Temple University, Mel has won two awards for his distinguished teaching. He is also President of Active Training, Princeton, N.J., a provider of products and seminars and publications in his areas of expertise. He has more than 30 years experience creating and honing techniques that inspire people to be people smart, learn faster and collaborate effectively.