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How to Write Proposals & Reports That Get Results

How to Write Proposals & Reports That Get Results

Ros Jay

Nov 1999, Paperback, 184 pages
ISBN13: 9780273644972
ISBN10: 0273644971
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Whether it's producing monthly reports, research reports or new business proposals for customers, as a manager you will need to be able to write these quickly and effectively. Despite this, most of us are never formally toaught how to write them - it's just assumed that we'll know. Learning to write reports and proposals in a professional way will gain both you and your company numerous benefits. As an individual your ideas will be better understood and absorbed more quickly. For your company, a good report or proposal will create a better impression of the organisation, be persuasive as a sales pitch and consequently be more likely to win you business. Once you've mastered the basics, each new report you write will be easier, saving you both time and effort - putting you in a position where the best projects come your way.

1. Introduction. Why do we need proposals and reports? What's in it for me?

2. The objective

3. Collecting the information

4. Structure 1: Proposals

5. Structure 11: Reports

6. The power of persuasion

7. Suing plain English 1: Style

8. Using plain English 11: Mechanics

9. Making it look readable

10. Topping and tailing

11. Review

Ros Jay is a freelance writer and editor. She writes on a range of business topics specialising in marketing and communication-related subjects. She also writes for and edits corporate magazines both in print and on the net. She is a senior associate of the institute of Direct Marketing.