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30 Apr 04

Have you got a Highly Effective Marketing Plan?

A Proven, practical, planning process for companies of all sizes

Most companies spend too much time and money developing marketing plans that never see the light of day. In his new book, The Highly Effective Marketing Plan (HEMP), Peter Knight shares the secrets of his tried, tested and proven 15 step programme for creating a marketing plan that gets results, fast.

Theory is all well and good, and let’s face it, there are lots of books about marketing theory. HEMP is a real process, used by over 500 companies and it works.

Using HEMP:

  • Laing Homes reduced their marketing costs by 25%
  • First Choice realised that they had to increase the visibility of their name and became sponsors of “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of Here”, (viewed by 11.3 million people every night for two weeks). Head of Marketing, Rachael Clayton-Hepburn, found it “invaluable.”
  • Intrepid Travel successfully launched into a fiercely competitive market.

This no-nonsense, practical guide cuts through the Marketing jargon, talking the problems and highlighting the opportunities for companies of all sizes and sectors. Peter Knight shows the success that HEMP has already brought to many companies and offers the secrets of that success to all.

The Highly Effective Marketing Plan (HEMP)
Peter Knight
ISBN: 0273 68786 7
Priced £12.99

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