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Leadership: Plain and Simple

AUTHOR: Steve Radcliffe

‘This is an extraordinarily powerful book, full of deep, inspiring ideas that are simple, practical and make a real difference.’
Dame Fiona Reynolds, Director General, The National Trust

I’m absolutely delighted with Dame Fiona’s quote but also partly in shock! 

About 5 years ago I decided I’d distil my learning from coaching dozens of Chief Executives and Permanent Secretaries in Whitehall over 15 years, into my first ever book. I designed it with a friend from up the street and we had it self-published. Pearson then came across a copy and asked to publish it and so Leadership: Plain and Simple was born.

It really seems to have struck a chord. It’s been the number one book of the 50,000+ offered in the search for ‘leadership’ on Amazon UK for over a year now. And readers have added over 130 five-star reviews, more than any other business book on the site, ever.

It seems to have a struck a chord in a couple of ways :

  1. It’s not a book about theory. It’s about an approach we call Future – Engage – Deliver or FED that you can instantly make real for yourself and practically do something with.
  2. It debunks all that stuff about leadership being complicated and only for a chosen few. It invites us all to see ourselves as leaders and shows that we can all be more confident, calm, effective or whatever we choose.
The Times has described FED as the “no-nonsense approach…shaking up the world of leadership.”  

One of the ways we want to shake up the thinking about leadership is to show that what organisations need in difficult times is leadership at all levels, not just at the top.  This may not have been a priority when times were good, budgets were increasing and growth was easy to come by. But times are tougher now and for most organisations it simply isn’t good enough to have a few ‘leaders’ at the top transmitting messages to the rest of us.

What’s most pleasing for us is that we’re making progress encouraging this point of view in the worlds of health, education, the arts and charities, as well as business and the civil service. I’m delighted that we are helping teachers, doctors, nurses, civil servants and others to see how stepping forward as leaders while using their technical skills can help them make a bigger difference.

In this second edition, I’ve brought alive the impact of FED with some inspiring examples we’ve found in all walks of life. I’ve also added a new chapter on how FED works not just for you and your team but also across all of your organisation.

As it says on the cover, ‘anyone can be a leader. Here’s how.’
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