How to be assertive in any situation
16 Nov 10

The definitive guide to getting your voice heard

The modern world is highly pressured - to get what you want and hold your head above the parapet, assertiveness is an important asset. Holding the key to self-respect and self-esteem, confidence and belief in ones actions are important for every facet of life: Work, family and even relationships within friendship groups.

Unlocking the secrets of assertiveness is new book How to be assertive in any situation, written by teachers and facilitators of motivational workshops, Gill Hasson and Sue Hadfield. Packed with real-life examples and friendly advice, this remarkable guide will show you how to express your opinions, take control of your destiny and feel empowered to live the life you want, without apology.

A must-have read for managers, teachers, parents and anyone who wants to get their voice heard, How to be assertive, will teach readers to:

  • Be decisive and self-assured
  • Learn powerful, life-changing techniques to make sure opinions are respected
  • Deal confidently and effectively with people
  • Understand and listen to the rights of others
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say
  • Rid your life of anxiety, indecision and low self-esteem
  • Say ‘no’ without feeling guilty

Presented in two parts - Part one featuring tips and advice and part two including practical applications and case studies - How to be assertive in any situation contains powerful information and techniques that could change your life forever.

How to be assertive in any situation is available this October, priced £10.99 from Pearson Prentice Hall.

How to be assertive in any situation

How to be assertive in any situation


Sue Hadfield, Gill Hasson

Pub Date

9 Sep 2010

Price £10.99
Publisher Prentice Hall Life
ISBN10 0273738496
ISBN13 9780273738497

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