How to argue powerfully, persuasively, positively
09 Nov 10

Win or lose, get the best out of disagreement

Love it or loathe it arguing is a fact of life, with all of us having to face confrontation at some point or another. Some of us go in like a bull in a china shop; others avoid these often highly charged scenarios like the plague. Whatever the approach, most of us argue badly.

How to argue powerfully, persuasively, positively, is the new book from leading lawyer and Oxford University lecturer, Jonathan Herring. This no-holds barred guide to everything you need to know about arguing is written by someone with first-hand experience of the toughest court room conflicts. Tips and techniques are applied to all types of life situations: At work, at home and everything in between.

Sometimes unknowingly, sometimes subtly and sometimes explosively, arguments are usually fraught with fear, confusion and too much emotion. Jonathan’s book aims to change all this, giving readers the skills to approach arguments convincingly, confidently and without tempers being lost – whether the outcome is winning or losing.

The must-have guide for any conflict situation, How to argue will show readers how to deal with disputes:

At home:

  • Take the heat out of emotional arguments between loved ones
  • Settle disputes with troublesome children
  • Debate with family and friends without causing offence

At work:

  • Protect from and stand-up to workplace bullying
  • Achieve better results and quicker decisions as you learn to persuade, influence and negotiate with confidence
  • Get your point across respectfully to figures of authority, such as bosses and bank managers

Everything in between:

  • Complain successfully when goods or services aren’t up to scratch, plus know your rights
  • Deal with situations where you are at fault (but want to minimise the consequences)
  • Avoid arguments all together

Placed in the context of real-life scenarios How to Argue provides the golden rules to successful arguing and explores the many situations where conflict is most likely to happen. Featuring top ten tips and easy to digest chapters, How to Argue is the definitive guide to approaching disputes persuasively, positively and powerfully.

How to Argue is available this November, priced £10.99 from Pearson Prentice Hall.

How to Argue

How to Argue


Jonathan Herring

Pub Date

21 Oct 2010

Price £10.99
Publisher Prentice Hall Life
ISBN10 0273734180
ISBN13 9780273734185

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