Persuasion – The Art of Influencing People
26 Oct 10

With the business world more cut throat and competitive than ever before, standing out from the crowd is a must - whether you are applying for your dream job, running your own business or trying to get a promotion.

To get ahead is about more than just having the right knowledge and experience - the ability to confidently motivate, influence and convince others is essential for any would be business success story.

Persuasion – The art of influencing people (Prentice Hall Business, 01 May 2010), the new book by work psychologist and businessman James Borg, provides the tools for those looking to master the power of persuasion – the ultimate way to achieve success in work and life. According to James, it pays to be persuasive.

One of the youngest-ever members of the Magic Circle, James has always had an interest in reading minds. Persuasion is not about mystical powers however, it outlines the tricks we can all use to take control of our lives and influence those around us. From senior managers to start ups in business, this book outlines the skills necessary to achieve that competitive edge.

Persuasion will teach you:

  • The power of words: The right things to say to get what you want from your staff, your boss or customers
  • How to be effective listener: It’s not just about what you say, taking on board the words of others is an imperative skill to help you succeed
  • How to develop and enhance your memory: A must for dealing with the stresses of a high workload
  • How to control the attention of others: Command a room and have colleagues hanging off your every word
  • How to read body language and other non-verbal signs: Read between the lines – what do people really mean?

“I’m persuaded that this book is an essential aid to getting people on your side. Invaluable.” Sue Lawley, BBC radio and TV presenter

“This is a handy readable guide... The author persuaded me to review this book. Damn, he is good” Jeremy Vine, The Times

Persuasion will boost your persuasive and intui­tive skills to amazing new levels to help you achieve more in every area of your professional and personal life - wherever interpersonal skills are at the fore.




James Borg

Pub Date

29 Apr 2010

Price £12.99
Publisher Prentice Hall
ISBN10 0273734164
ISBN13 9780273734161

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