The Empire Strikes Back
10 Aug 05

Debated widely in the media as well as academe, empire and imperialism remain contentious issues. The usual theme is the affect of Britain on it’s empire, not the equally interesting affect that empire had on Britain.

How did the British people regard their empire?  Was it seen as a source of strength or weakness?  How far did the imperial experience define British nationhood?  Why are imperial legacies still debated so vigorously?

In the nineteenth century and for much of the twentieth century, Britain's empire was so large that it was truly the global superpower. Much of Africa, Asia and America had been subsumed. Britannia's tentacles had stretched both wide and deep.

Injecting the empire back into the domestic history of modern Britain , The Empire Strikes Back, takes us from the height of the empire in the 19th Century through to the present day. It looks at the impact of empire on British political, social, economic and cultural development.

It also shows how empire has become an ever more present past in recent years. In forming opinions about the nature of imperial influences upon them, the British people are reflecting on what type of society we once were, now are, and perhaps wish to be.

The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back


Andrew Thompson

Pub Date

5 July 2005

Price £19.99
Publisher Longman
ISBN 0582438292

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