Winners Never Cheat
20 Jul 05

So, good guys don’t win? Wrong. Next time someone tells you business cannot be done ethically, hand them Jon Huntsman’s new book Winners Never Cheat.

Larry King calls Huntsman: “…the most remarkable billionaire most of America has never head of.” He is not a world famous business guru or flashy corporate fat cat. But he is one of the good guys, and he won. Big time. In a classic rags-to-riches story, he built a $12billion world-class business that carried him to Forbes' list of America 's wealthiest people.

The twist in the tale is that he did it while adhering to his strong principles of honesty, integrity and playing fair. In the process he donated hundreds of millions of dollars to charitable causes from homelessness to cancer, earthquake relief to college scholarships.

Huntsman’s life proves that strong ethics bring more than success. In an age of non-stop business scandals, they are your biggest competitive differentiator.

In Winners Never Cheat Huntsman presents the lessons of a lifetime. It is a passionate, inspirational manifesto for returning to the days when your word was your bond, a handshake was sacred, and swarms of lawyers weren't needed to back it up.

This is no mere exhortation: it's as practical as a business book can get. It's about how to listen to your moral compass, even as others ignore theirs. It's about how to build teams with the highest values. It’s about sharing success, taking responsibility and earning the rewards that only come with giving back.

Rich in inspiration, Winners Never Cheat is filled with good, in every sense of the word, and highly effective management techniques.

Winners Never Cheat

Winners Never Cheat

Author Jon Huntsman
Pub Date

10 June 2005

Price £14.99
Publisher Wharton School Publishing
ISBN 0131863665

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