Strategy Moves
13 Jul 05

Winning in business, whether for growth or survival, depends on knowing and applying the timeless rules of strategy. The rules that tell you when to attack and when to defend; when to enter the field or withdraw; when to act alone, when to form alliances, and how to isolate, outflank or encircle your opponents.

Whether you face uncertain conditions or relentless competition from your opponents, you can prevail by learning how to apply some of the most powerful strategic rules in history.

Building on the work of classic texts such as Marketing Warfare, Strategy Moves explains these rules and how to use them, equipping the reader with the complete set of strategic options. Jorge Vasconcellos e Sá introduces you to the dynamics of each move - when, where and how to deploy it – and the art of putting them together in winning combinations.

An invaluable strategy manual for managers, marketers and entrepreneurs, it details fourteen essential moves; eight defence and six attack, to help beat opponents and make real progress towards victory in the market.

From successful defence at the battle of Rorke’s Drift to the successful Japanese assault in global car markets, the lessons of conflict and competition are drawn together to help readers pick the right strategic battles, make the right strategic moves and coordinate them decisively in the market.

Philip Kotler (S C Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellodd School of Management, Northwestern University ), commented that “ Vasconcellos offers the most comprehensive treatment and assessment of attack and defense business strategies.  It is guaranteed to stimulate your strategic and tactical imagination."

Strategy Moves

Strategy Moves

Author Jorge A Vasconcellos E Sa
Pub Date

19 May 2005

Price £21.99
Publisher Financial Times Prentice Hall
ISBN 0273701673

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