Beowulf & Other Stories
30 May 07

It is becoming harder and harder to study Old English.  Schools no longer teach it and University departments are increasingly turning their backs on it.

Alarmed by these developments North and Allard have decided to take a stand.  “We refuse to let this literature go under without a fight.” They believe there is a frightening bias amongst important people teaching/espousing English literature, from Philip Larkin to A N Wilson, against the Old English poems such as Beowulf.

And yet far from being irrelevant, these sagas are the inspiration behind our modern myths.  The Lord of The Rings, Star Wars and The Chronicles of Narnia owe a huge debt to the sagas of Old England and Iceland.

“There is no point is losing 5 centuries of literature mostly in Britain and Scandinavia if we still have it. It is all so worth saving.  The best way to do that is to engage people in these magical tales.”

To try and redress the balance and reach both students and general readers North and Allard have written Beowulf and Other Stories. They hope this will be a page-turner to intrigue the imagination, whet the appetite and shed light on these marvellous works and instil a love and respect in readers unfamiliar with them.

Beowulf & Other Stories

Beowulf & Other Stories


Richard North, Joe Allard

Pub Date

26 Apr 2007

Price £16.99
Publisher Longman
ISBN10 1405835729
ISBN13 9781405835725

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