Get By In ...
23 May 07

In 2005 we Brits took 66.4 million trips abroad.  80% of those were to Europe (Spain was the most popular destination).

With over 80 years experience BBC Active produces market leading and highly respected courses for language learners throughout the world.

Get By In… is a new series designed for travellers.  It will help them quickly get to grips with the basics of each language.  The pack contains a book, packed full of essential words, phrases and travel tips and an accompanying 60-minute CD.

There are six languages covered by the series: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Greek.

They aim to be the perfect travelling companion. The CD will give you a grounding in the basics of conversation before you go and the book is a handy guide to essential language while you are away.  It is divided into sections of common situations such as eating out, entertainment and getting around, as well as a section to help you though any unexpected emergencies.

These packs are the one-stop resource for getting by with confidence abroad. Find out more about these titles at our bookshop.

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