The Procrastination Equation
22 Mar 11

Ground-breaking new research puts a stop to putting things off

Procrastination affects nearly all of us - a massive 90% of people admitted that putting things off had serious implications to their wealth, health, success and happiness. At best this results in tasks getting delayed, at worst it can stop us from living our lives to the fullest.    

Most people, at some point or another, have:

  • Broken a promise
  • Lost site of a goal
  • Postponed a diet
  • Put off an important appointment
  • Let household bills and chores pile up
  • Been unnecessarily unprepared.

The list goes on.

Help is at hand with the new, groundbreaking book, from the world’s leading procrastination expert Piers Steel. The Procrastination Equation is the must-have read for anyone who wants to put a full stop to putting things off.

Perfect for people with untapped ambition or goals that must be achieved - dithering students, dallying managers, budding entrepreneurs or even time-poor parents -The Procrastination Equation is the definitive guide to why we don’t do what we should.

Based on Piers’ own research – the most scientifically rigorous study ever conducted - this book is hugely entertaining and compelling, designed to motivate and stop procrastination forever.

The Procrastination Equation in a nut-shell

  • Based on new, never-before published research
  • Reveals that the poor, women and younger people procrastinate more.
  • Practical, scientifically proven techniques for controlling and resolving procrastination
  • Written by internationally recognised expert on human motivation
  • Humorous and accessible guide to getting more out of life

Piers knows the subject like no other - as a reformed procrastinator and the man that’s studied the condition more than anyone else on the planet.

“Nowadays my work has received international acclaim, and awards for teaching and research hang on my office wall. But for most of my life, I felt potential languishing inside me mingled with frustration because I couldn’t sustain any of my many attempts to improve.” Piers Steel

The Procrastination Equation

The Procrastination Equation


Piers Steel

Pub Date

16 Dec 2010

Price £12.99
Publisher Prentice Hall Life
ISBN10 027372326X
ISBN13 9780273723264

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