The Great Investors
08 Mar 11

Make getting rich your New Year’s resolution
The Great Investors, unlocking the secrets to a world of wealth

It’s a New Year, the perfect time to take a look at your life and make some changes. Forget fitness, many of us want to make 2011 a year to remember when it comes to our bank balances, moving from scraping by to flying high. Where to begin? Making money isn’t that easy, how is it that some people seem to attract wealth, while the rest of us just lag behind?

Lifting the lid on the world of investment is new book The Great Investors, by businessman, investor and professor of finance, Glen Arnold. A must-have read for wannabe millionaires everywhere,Arnold’s guide will teach readers the philosophies of the greatest investors in history, plus how to apply these market-beating skills to their own investment strategies.

Including tips and advice from the best and most well-known investors, such as Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Sir John Templeton, George Soros and Anthony Bolton – special people who seem to possess an exceptional talent for acquiring wealth - there is no other book on the market that pools together such leading lights in making money.

“The book will give you access to the mindset and techniques of the most successful investors of our time and, more importantly, it will help you avoid mistakes. The Great Investors will have a permanent place on my desk.” Mark Sheridan, Executive Director, Nomura International PLC.

The Great Investors is perfect for:

  • Complete novices to the world of investment looking to take their first steps
  • Experienced investors who want to get more from their money
  • Anyone with an interest in finance

Make 2011 a year to remember and unlock the secrets to getting rich.

The Great Investors

The Great Investors


Glen Arnold

Pub Date

15 Dec 2010

Price £14.99
Publisher Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
ISBN10 0273743252
ISBN13 9780273743255

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