Raising Children – the parenting guide for primary school-aged children
01 Mar 11

Don’t tear your hair out – share the burden of parenthood

While being a parent is a fantastic experience, it can also be fraught and stressful at times. From bed time battles to food fussiness, dealing with difficult questions and situations – death, sex and changes in circumstances – navigating your way through their childhood can be a minefield.

Providing an insider’s guide to the reality of the primary years of parenting, is new book, Raising Children, written by parenting journalist, Liat Hughes Joshi, who writes for a range of parenting magazines and national newspapers, including The Daily Telegraph and Mother and Baby Magazine.

Many parenting books address the baby, toddler and then later on, teenage years, but few deal with the years in between – a time when they are exposed to just as many new experiences.  Covering all the challenges, big or small, that any parent of a primary-school age child is likely to face, Raising Children, is the perfect book for anyone who’s ever wondered how other parents cope.

Split into themes, Raising Children covers all aspects of looking after four to eleven year olds, including:

  • General behaviour management
  • Friends and foes – including how to deal with bullying, difficulty making friends and falling out with them
  • School and after-school – homework, after school activities
  • Bedtimes and mealtimes
  • Gadgets and games – Christmas and birthday demands, when to let them have a TV in their room, how much screen time.
  • Tricky questions – how to answer those awkward enquiries
  • Difficult times – from bereavement to divorce

In addition to Liat’s expertise, contributors include Dr Jemma Rosen-Webb, a clinical psychologist specialising in helping children and families, and Dr Harriet Tenenbaum who has a PhD in child development. The result is an invaluable collection of tips and advice to help parents feel in control, and make the most of, this important period in a child’s life.

Raising Children: The Primary Years

Raising Children: The Primary Years


Liat Joshi

Pub Date

11 Nov 2010

Price £10.99
Publisher Prentice Hall Life
ISBN10 0273730517
ISBN13 9780273730514

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