Change your life with CBT
08 Feb 11

Anxious? Stressed?  Depressed? It’s never been a better time to change your life with CBT
Change Your Life with CBT (Prentice Hall Life, November 2010) is the new self-help book by top psychologist, broadcaster, writer and relationship expert, Corinne Sweet.  CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Psychology – has become the popular buzzword of 21st century treatment for the everyday issues of anxiety, depression, phobias and addiction.  And for a reason.  It works.

Widely recommended by NHS practitioners, CBT is proven to be just as effective, if not more so, than antidepressants for dealing with our everyday psychological afflictions.  Change Your Life with CBT is a clear, accessible book which can help busy readers make positive, and permanent, changes in their lives.

How does CBT work?  The book clearly helps the reader to identify the main negative, often repetitive,  thoughts that hold them back from being successful and effective in life.  The book offers a step-by-step approach, helping the reader understand how they tick, psychologically.  It also offers help with working out the key things you want to change, with plenty of practical tips, suggestions and exercises.

Modern life is uncertain and stressful, and many of us will be dealing with high levels of anxiety, panic and depression, given the current Government cutbacks and terrorist threats. 

The good news is:  CBT can help people to ride these waves of uncertainty, and find a positive, forward-looking viewpoint. Using tried and tested techniques, CBT can help you build on your strengths and stop you repeating any destructive patterns.  It can also help improve your productivity, relationships and quality of life.

More specifically, Change Your Life with CBT can help you to deal with panic attacks, trauma, anger, addictions, obsessions and to build your confidence and self-esteem.  It can help you to become more self-reliant and positive, which will be especially helpful in the troubled times we are living through.

Corinne Sweet, a regular expert on national TV and Radio and in print, explains:
“CBT can offer an extremely useful toolkit for people to apply to the difficulties they encounter everyday, not only in life, but within themselves.  We all need to maximise our potential, and to feel we can manage the unmanageable.  Change Your Life with CBT helps you to do just that.”

Change Your Life with CBT

Change Your Life with CBT


Corinne Sweet

Pub Date

14 Oct 2010

Price £10.99
Publisher Prentice Hall Life
ISBN10 0273737155
ISBN13 9780273737155

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