The Fearful Rise of Markets
04 Jan 11

While the media may lead you to believe that the UK and the world at large is coming to the end of recession, according to The Fearful Rise of Markets, the new book by award-winning Financial Times journalist and editor, John Authers, we may already be at risk of another, more catastrophic financial collapse.

The Fearful Rise of Markets (Pearson 03 June, 2010) is a must-read for anyone interested and concerned about the financial state of the planet, delivering real and deeply sobering answers to the reasons behind economic meltdown, in a clear and readable format.

John Authers draws on his considerable experience – currently as global editor of Lex, the Financial Times’ flagship daily opinion column and latterly as the FT’s investment editor and principal commentator on markets and investments – to deliver a truly insightful guide to how the global economy operates.

Plotting the route to financial ruin, in The Fearful Rise of Markets, Authers illuminates the multiple causes of repeated financial crisis:

  • Massive shifts in the global balance of economic power
  • Migration of key decisions from banks to capital markets funded with ‘other people’s money’
  • Wholesale financialisation of key asset classes
  • Massive failures of both academic theory and government policy

Avoiding oversimplifications and ideology, the book presents a world view of the most recent recession – its inception, demise and potential re-ignition. Authers does not just peddle gloom however; The Fearful Rise of Markets also includes realistic solutions – for both global decision-makers and individual investors who want to evade the fallout of the next financial collapse.

The Fearful Rise of Markets

The Fearful Rise of Markets


John Authers

Pub Date

27 May 2010

Price £20.00
Publisher Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
ISBN10 0273731688
ISBN13 9780273731689

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