Don’t Be Good. Be Brilliant.
27 Feb 04

For many of us being good isn’t good enough. We want to make the very best of we can out of our lives – we want to be brilliant.

British motivational trainer, Michael Heppell shows you how to make this possible. In his new book, How to be Brilliant, he distils his own highly effective methods and the best of personal development practice, into an engaging, simple yet extremely powerful book, delivering brilliance as a standard, not a skill.

Using clear examples, humour and stories from business and everyday life, How to be Brilliant gives people the tools to recognise where they are in their lives, where they want to be and how they are going to achieve their goals as quickly, economically and with as much fun as possible.

Michael said: “I wanted to write something that would be easy for people to read and encourage them to strive for their goals. We all want to make the very best we can out of our lives and being good just isn’t enough. No one has to settle for second best. Once you’ve learnt the secret of being brilliant, you can apply it to all areas of your life; make the change and step up to a different league.”

How to be Brilliant teaches you the specific characteristics of brilliant people so that you can learn and model from the best. Using examples and stories you will overcome the barriers that are holding you back and develop long term strategies for achieving brilliance throughout your life.

How to Be Brilliant, by Michael Heppell was published by Prentice Hall in November 2003. RRP £9.99.

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